Sewer Pipe Repair - Cast Iron or Clay Pipes

Common Sewer Pipe Issues

Many sewers in the Detroit metropolitan area are at least 50 years old and most have experienced at least one issue in that time.

Clay crock sewers are comprised of four foot sections of clay pipe that are pushed end to end, often without any concrete over the joint. These pieces of pipe become brittle over the years and are prime homes for roots. Roots can get in at any of the joint spots, in a small crack in the pipe or if a chunk of pipe is dislodged over time.

Cast iron sewers are also prevalent in the area and can rot out over time. This leaves a jagged edge at the bottom of your line that is prone to snag anything coming down the pipe and can cause a blockage.

Orangeburg is another commonly found material that is also showing signs of failure. Orangeburg is simply layers of tar paper formed in a cylinder and used as pipe. As the layers of paper deteriorate, so goes with it the structural integrity of your line.

Sewer Repair Process & Technologies

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