Sewer Pipe Lining, Trenchless Repair in Clarkston & Davisburg Michigan

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Minimally Invasive Repair Technologies

Call Nu Pipe – we will come out, free of charge, and perform a video camera inspection to determine what is causing the frequent backups.  We will diagnose the problem and offer solutions to permanently fix your sewer line.  These solutions include cured-in-place sewer liners, point repairs and pipe bursting. Each solution is best for a specific problem so no matter what the problem is, we will have a permanent solution.

Pipe Lining - A New Alternative to Pipe Replacement

Pipe lining restores structural integrity to the clay or cast iron sewer lines that are eroded or missing sections in neighborhoods with older infrastructure in Troy, Michigan. When the installation is done via a basement access point or the pull-in-place method, your yard isn't altered in any way and costly services for repairing landscape, sidewalks or driveways will not be necessary. Your newly lined sewer or drain pipe will be as structurally sound as a stand-alone pipe and will be able to bear loads above it such as building footers, roadways and driveways. 

What are the benefits of pipe relining and how strong is it?

  1. Pipe lining can be considered pipe replacement because the new lining that is installed inside the old pipe is as strong as new PVC pipe.
  2. There is a 10 year warranty
  3. The internal diameter of the pipe is only reduced by approximately 5% so flow is not impacted
  4. Only takes a few days to install

No-Dig Sewer Point / Patch Repair

What if only a section of my line is compromised?

If you only have one or two areas in your sewer line that are allowing roots to infiltrate the line, you can opt for a point repair of those specific areas.  The material used for point repairs is a fiberglass mesh fabric that once cured, will restore structural integrity to your problem areas and block the path of roots.  Each repair is approximately four feet in length and can typically be installed via your cleanout access point.  These repairs do not alter the line in any way, but can repair a problem area in a matter of hours.  This is a good solution for rotting cast iron pipes that transition into PVC pipe – where only the cast iron is problematic while the PVC is perfectly fine.

Permanent Sewer & Drain Line Solutions

Can't I just snake the roots out of my sewer?

Sadly, no.  Once you have roots in your sewer you will ALWAYS have roots in your sewer.  Even if you cut down the tree attached to the roots in question, the roots can continue to grow for years.  Additionally, clay crock sewers become very brittle over time and continual snaking can create additional cracks in the line allowing more paths for roots to enter the sewer line. 

A permanent repair such as a point repair or sewer liner is the easiest way to block the path for the roots and to restore structural integrity to your sewer line.  Without addressing the root issue, the cracks could continue to get larger and larger as the roots get thicker and thicker.  Eventually, that section of the line could collapse. Once the line collapses, you can not use water in the house until it is fixed. At this point, the line must be dug up and repaired and all your corrective actions limited to a shovel or backhoe.

Not Sure You Need a Sewer or Drain Repair?

If you have questions or are interested in getting a FREE, no-obligation video camera inspection of your sewer or drain lines, then contact us or complete the form at the right and we will contact you. We are the experts and we are here to help you!

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