Sewer Patch / Sectional Point Repair

A No-Dig Option to Repair Sewer Pipes

Sometimes your sewer issues are only found in one small section of your entire length of sewer line. When this is the case, a "patch" or point repair is the best solution. Point repairs are four feet in length and are made of a fiberglass mesh that once installed, restores structural integrity to the pipe and eliminates root intrusion. These repairs take only a day to complete and leave you with a problem free sewer for years to come.

Advantages of a Sectional Patch Sewer Repair

  • Can be done in a day
  • Eliminates root intrusion
  • Seals open joints, bridges missing pipe sections
  • No digging to repair
  • Lasts for years

How Does a Patch Repair Work?

Watch this video to see how this type of repair is done.

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We provide pipe lining from 2" pipe to 24" pipe. Pipe coating from 1" pipe to 60" pipe.

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