Pull-In-Place Sewer & Drain Pipe Lining

Pull In Place? what does that mean?

Photo of a sewer liner being prepped for a pull in place CIPP installation

"Pull-in-Place" is a trenchless method of installing a cured-in-place pipe liner to repair a damaged sewer or drain pipe. The materials used for a pull-in-place installation are the same as for the air inversion method, but the installation of the pipe lining is vastly different.

How the Pull-In-Place Sewer Lining Method Works

With the pull-in-place method, the liner is “built” with the bladder already inside the liner before it is saturated with the resin and hardener.  You can see our techs preparing the liner in the above photo.

Once the liner is saturated, it is pulled inside the sewer pipe using a second outside access point such as an outside cleanout or nearby manhole.  This method does not require creating an access point inside the house, but does require a second access point outside the house – not all houses have such an access point.  When the liner has been pulled into place, the bladder is aired up and liner is cured in place.

We provide pipe lining from 2" pipe to 24" pipe. Pipe coating from 1" pipe to 60" pipe.

Is Pull-In-Place Pipe Lining the Right Solution for You?

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