Manhole Rehabilitation

Repair Solutions for Aging Manhole Walls

Manholes can be found in streets, parking lots, easements, backyards and alleys. With proper maintenance, manholes can last a lifetime. However; just as piped systems deteriorate, concrete structures and manholes also require rehabilitation work. Manholes built with brick and mortar are suseptable to deterioration, which can cause water inflow and infiltration of roots and debris. We can apply a coating to the existing walls that prohibits further deterioration and adds much needed structure to the aging walls.

Our Manhole Repair Services Include:

  • Stop inflow and infultration
  • Stop exfultration
  • Add structure

NASSCO Certified

Nu Pipe is NASSCO certified for the PACP/MACP/LACP (pipeline assessment certification program, manhole assessment certification program, and lateral assessment and certification programs).

The Manhole Rehabilitation Process

Below is a video showing the process we use when rehabiliating a manhold. We use Parson Environmental Products, which offers a complete line of manhole rehabilitation products to eliminate inflow & infilitration, and provide structural integrity and corrosion protection in sanitary sewer manholes, wet wells, WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) tanks and other similar structures.

A Recent Manhole Rehabilitation Project

Here is the manhole before we started work on it. Here is a photo of Nu Pipe technician working to unclog the manhole.

Here the manhole before we started work.

Our technician goes to work on the pipe.

Here is the manhole unclogged. And another photo of the manhole rehabilitation project.  Clean and ready for operation.

Here is a photo of the finished manhole.

As you can see it is thoroughly refurbished.

Nu Pipe are the experts at manhole rehabilitation and repair for clients in metro Detroit. Contact us for a FREE estimate or fill out the form on this page and we will contact you.

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