Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer and Drain Repair

How long does a sewer liner take to install?

We utilize several lining methods depending on the condition of your sewer. Air inversion typically takes two days to complete, point repairs and pull-in-place lining can be completed in about one day.

How long will the new sewer or drain liner last?

Lining originated in Europe and has been used consistently for over 50 years. These sewers are still functioning today with a life expectancy of well over 75 years.

How affordable is trenchless pipe lining compared to other repairs?

There's really no easy way to deal with pipe damage, or worse, severe pipe failure.That said, you don't necessarily need to drain tens of thousands of dollars on repairing your home's pipe or sewer lines; with innovative trenchless technologies, digging, and the remedial landscaping that follows, is largely avoided.

Using liquid epoxy-resin solutions, trenchless technicians can cure in-place entire new sections of pipe within your damaged line, via small or even pre-existing entry points.

The most expensive components of traditional, dig-and-replace pipe repair aren't the materials or tools used, but rather the hard labor, displacement of earth, and long hours spent restoring the pipe in question. Costs like these are why traditional pipe repair costs 25-30% more than cured-in-place pipe lining. If you want a quote, call us for a FREE camera inspection and we'll talk solutions with you.

Will I be without the use of water in my house for long?

No, you will only need to restrict usage during the curing process of your liner. Once the liner has cured, your service is restored and you can resume normal usage.

Are there any sewers that can't be lined?

The only case when lining is impossible is when the sewer line has collapsed. We can line clay crock, cast iron, PVC and even Orangeburg.

What is the lining material made of?

It is a resin saturated polyester felt tube with a PVC coating. Once inverted, the smooth outer PVC coating becomes the inside of your sewer allowing for a smooth seamless surface. Point repairs are made of a bi-ply fiberglass sheet that restores structural integrity to your sewer line and is also impermeable to roots.

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