Pipe Lining & CIPP Trenchless Solutions for Customers in Clawson Michigan

Repair Your Sewer Line - Minimal Digging & Disruption

As properties in Clawson Michigan age, sewer and drain pipes can become clogged with roots, corroded, leaky or even collapse. Nu Pipe is a licensed and insured sewer and drain repair company specializing in cleaning and repairing sewer and drain pipes for customers in Southeast Michigan. If your sewer or drain pipe needs a repair, we offer minimally invasive, trenchless technologies that reduce the amount of digging needed and saves costly repairs to sidewalks, driveways and streets.

We offer sewer repair solutions for homeowners and businesses in Clawson including:

  • FREE video camera inspection - so we can provide a proper diagnosis and propose the best, most permanent solution.
  • Hydrojet cleaning - a more effective and longer lasting pipe clearning solution than snaking. With snaking you are only creating a hole through the clog. With hydrojet cleaning, you are blasting the entire clog out of the pipe.
  • Trenchless pipe repair - a less costly, less destructive way to repair your pipes
  • Cured in place pipe liner - the liner is filled with epoxy and pulled through your pipe so the repair can be made without digging up the entire pipe.
  • Pipe Coating - instead of lining the pipes we coat them to seal them up and prevent further corrosion.
  • Point pipe repair (also known as sectional repair or patching) - we repair a section of your pipe instead of the whole pipe.
  • Air Inversion Pipe Relining - a trenchless option that requires only one access point to install the pipe lining.
  • Pipe Bursting - a method of replacing a pipe without having to dig it up.

How We Work

  • We come to your site and conduct a FREE video camera inspection of your pipes. This allows us to determine the cause of the issue and to access the structural integrity of your pipe, which is a factor in determining suitable solutions.
  • Then we discuss options with you based on the findings of the inspection.
  • We clean an/or repair your sewer or drain pipe using the agreed upon solution.
  • And we inspect it again afterwards to show you the results...A clear, working pipe that is able to flow freely as it should.

Nu Pipe offers the most technically advanced, non-invasive trenchless repair solutions available today; such as cipp pipe lining, pipe patching and pipe bursting. Our solutions are $1,000s cheaper than most other companies, (we know because we get the calls after the first sticker shock), because we can repair your sewer or drain lines without tearing up your road, driveway or yard. This means we get it done faster, cheaper and with less stress on you and your family.

If you are experiencing a sewer or drain backup, and want to deal with a company that has the experience and the technology to offer you permanent solutions, then contact us or complete the form on this page and we will contact you for a FREE estimate. Our camera inspections are always FREE and we don't add on ridiculous service charges.

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