Air Inversion Pipe Lining

A Trenchless Method of Installing a CIPP Pipe Liner

Nu Pipe specializes in no dig, trenchless solutions to address a variety of sewer and drain pipe issues. Air inversion is a trenchless method of installing a cured-in-place pipe liner to repair a damaged sewer or drain pipe. Air inversion requires only one access point to install the pipe lining, which makes lateral CIPP pipe relining fast and easy. For appropriate applications, air inversion technology can provide a cost-effective trenchless repair solution.

How Does Air Inversion Work?

The pipe liner is saturated with the resin and hardener then rolled up into an air drum.  Instead of pulling the liner into the pipe, pressurized air inside a tank containing a reel holding the pipe liner is used to “shoot” the liner into the host pipe. Essentially the new liner turns inside out as it rolls into position inside the old pipe. Then a bladder is blown down the inside of the liner and when it is aired up, it pushes the liner against the host pipe walls until it cures.

Here is a photo of the high pressure air inversion liner machine we used on a recent project.

Photo of Nu Pipe's high pressure air inversion liner machine

Air Inversion Installation Process

  • The damaged pipe is cleaned and inspected.
  • A measurement is then taken so the pipe liner material can be cut to length.
  • The epoxy resin is then mixed and poured into the liner material impregnating it.
  • The pipe liner is then loaded into the air inversion tank.
  • Then the pipe liner is inserted into the pipe through an inversion process that utilizes air pressure.
  • This literally turns the pipe liner material inside out which allows the resin to bond with the host pipe.
  • The resin cures in about 3 hours.
  • The pipe is put back into service for up to 50 years.

We provide pipe lining from 2" pipe to 24" pipe. Pipe coating from 1" pipe to 60" pipe.

If you'd like to know if trenchless air inversion is right for you, contact Nu Pipe. We are a technology leader in drain and sewer solutions for customers in metro Detroit, Michigan. Contact us for a FREE video camera inspection. Or fill out the form on this page and we will contact you.

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