NU PIPE technicians filling a pipe liner with expoxy Nu Pipe Technicians preparing a pull in place sewer pipe lining Nu Pipe technicians doing a point patch sectional repair on a broken sewer pipe Nu Pipe photo of a pipe bursting operation to replace an aging pipe

Fast, Non-Invasive Sewer & Drain Repair Services

Nu Pipe offers trenchless sewer and drain lining and repair services to customers throughout Southeast Michigan. We diagnose, clean and repair sewer and drain pipes using minimally invasive trenchless technologies. We get to your site quickly, do a thorough inspection; and if a repair is needed we clean out, patch, or replace. Our trenchless pipe lining solutions won't ruin your property, or necessitate costly reconstruction.

We don't believe in limited lifespan repairs. We do it right the first time so you don't need a "do- over" next year. We offer FREE video camera inspections so we can determine the true cause of the problem and we don't add travel charges. When we say "FREE", we mean FREE!



Sewer Pipe Lining

Sewer lining offers a minimally invasive, cost effective method of fixing a broken pipe without a total replacement.

Patch/Point Repair

Sometimes only a small section needs to be repaired and we can "patch" a sewer or drain pipe, which saves you money.

Trenchless Technology

Trenchless installation, replacement or repair of underground sewer and drain pipes with minimum excavation and surface disruption.

Manhole Rehab

We can bring to life crumbling brick or mortar manholes usng a special coating process that extends the life of the pipe.



Trenchless Repair - A Permanent Solution

If you are experiencing a sewer drain backup, and want to deal with a company that has the experience and the technology to offer permanent solutions, then call (248) 977-9555 or complete the form on this page and we will contact you promptly to schedule your FREE video camera inspection.